"I'm a Lady...Not a Bad B*tch..."


"Enlightenment... Education... Empowerment...These words vividly describe what the author delivers through this literary work of art. Her subject matter is absolutely relevant as it diagnosis and remedies issues which plague urban culture. Clear and concise, this book bridges every generational gap and should be read by every mother, father, brother, and sister no matter creed or color. If after putting this book down, one doesn't walk away with a sense of understanding and purpose, they will at the very least enjoy the wonderful recipes put forth by this smart, sophisticated, yet so down to earth young woman." -D'Edwin Walton, Ohio

"This piece of literature validates young women and lets them know that it's okay to be sacred and harbor some mystic about yourself in a society that embraces secularity more so than the opposite! I'm encouraged to reevaluate my standards and expectations. Thanks Jerra! Also, wonderful tips on being domestically inclined in the kitchen and financially responsible!" -Lanisha Porter, New York

"Great book that deals with the mind set of young women and how are families and society play a role in how young women see themselves. Don't be fooled by the title. This book goes against the grain of today's hip hop culture and beckons women to be strong, courageous, use common sense and still be a lady and not that other phrase." -Anthony Howard, Chicago

"Awesome book! Great Read! Excellent 1st chapter. Your Grandmother and mother's story touched my heart, and reminded me of the exact same way I was raised. I, at the age of 54, and after losing 2 husbands to "the other woman," was gradually loosing my self-esteem... After reading your book, I know I am three times the woman they will ever be. Thanks for helping me rebuild my self-worth!" -C. Griffin, Indiana

"Death of a Bad B#tch is more than a book. Just as Jerra Mitchell is more than an author. It teaches us the importance of respect, and forgiveness, through thorough example. I had the pleasure of meeting Jerra, and she truly encompasses the example that most women & aspiring young women need to see.I have not completely finished my copy, I choose to take my time with treats! Looking forward to the impact and imprint this exceptional woman will have in the future. Stay Blessed!" -Madeline Underwood, Indiana

"I really enjoyed your book. It touched on what some females have forgotten...people lost a sense of morals and values. What used to be taboo is now acceptable." -Herbert Smith, Indiana

"I learned a lot about you I didn't know and wouldn't have assumed. Again, that was a real good read." - Sherman Woods, California

"I read your entire book from start to finish and it was fantastic. You nailed're gonna become very popular in this endeavor." -Lynn Mitchell, New Jersey

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