"I'm a Lady...Not a Bad B*tch..."

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The Death of Bad Bitch


Inspired by Lupe Fiasco’s 2012 hit single, Bitch Bad, Jerra Mitchell speaks to women and men who are dissatisfied with the term “bad bitch” to describe what is otherwise known as a beautiful woman. Mitchell’s aim is to increase the self-worth and self-esteem in women through her own personal and touching stories to encourage them to be ladies – not “bad bitches”. She also shares why she chose to become celibate, a touching story on forgiving her biological father, and so much more!

Jerra Mitchell is an advocate for promoting a positive self- image in all women. She has a degree in Business Administration, and is also certified in Etiquette. In her spare time, Mitchell loves to cook, read, and write. She currently resides in Indiana, where she is working on her second book.


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