"I'm a Lady...Not a Bad B*tch..."


In her Amazon best-selling book, Jerra Mitchell brings to the world, The Death of Bad Bitch. She is an award-winning writer and an advocate for promoting a positive self-image for ladies. Her purpose is to increase women's self-esteem by teaching them to be comfortable in their own skin.

Mitchell's book, "The Death of Bad Bitch" was widely influenced by Lupe Fiasco's hit 2012 song, "Bitch Bad." 

In her book, she speaks to women and men who use with the phrase "bad bitch" to describe what is otherwise known as a beautiful woman, and reasons why one should deviate from using the phrase. In her book, Mitchell shares personal, reflective stories about her upbringing, how and why she finally forgave her biological father for being absent in her life, and reasons why she chose to become celibate. Mitchell also provides family recipes, financial tips, Etiquette tips, advice on the importance of setting standards, and a chapter for fathers raising daughters. Clearly, it is a book that all readers can relate to!!

"In our generation, it seems as though the ever-so-popular term “bad bitch” has replaced traditional, more respectful compliments such as beautiful, lovely, or pretty. This term was developed out of hip-hop culture and has inevitability brainwashed our generation. Since when did it become acceptable for a woman to refer to herself and other women as "bad bitches"?? Men, this is NOT a term of endearment - it is simply disrespectful. Women, please STOP disrespecting yourself and other women by using the phrase "bad bitch". It is the least bit classy. " - Jerra Mitchell, author

Please support Mitchell's efforts in increasing women's self-worth by purchasing the book below. 

Only $14.99 plus shipping/handling. Get your autographed copy today!

***Note: Jerra Mitchell also bakes and is a licensed bartender in IL & IN. ***

Contact her at [email protected] for inquiries and booking information.


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